Gran Canaria Gay Cruising

Cruising in Gran Canaria the best places

During the day, almost all cruising is done on the beach, in the Maspalomas dunes or by the pools of one of the gay-only complexes.

Plenty of cruising

The main gay beach is the gay beach with bar number 7, to get there is to walk from the main street in Playa del Ingles “Avenida Tirajana”.
There you will see a “Riu Hotel” with an archway through which you can walk from the street to reach the beginning of the dunes.

Follow the main stream of people to get to the gay beach or go a bit to the right towards the bushes for some more serious cruising.

Maspalomas Dunas

Maspalomas Gay Beach

Cruise anytime between sunrise and sunset – be careful not to get stuck there in the dark. The dunes are a 404-hectare area of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and have been protected as a nature reserve since 1987. They were formed by sand from the bottom of the ocean, during the last ice age, when the wind blew the sand towards the coast of the island.


There is a nice atmosphere and a lot of nice guys to meet in the dunes.

These are the gay areas, but during the week and weekends you can usually do some cruising or just walk on the beach.

Straight people also cruise here, but do so more in the area between the nudist beach and Meloneras

The cruise walking area in the dunes of Maspalomas is a big, very big area and it is impossible to define it here.
But the main area to go cruising is in the area with lots of bushes and shrubs.

The best way to find it is to walk under the arch of RIU Palace Maspalomas in Playa Del Ingles and go into the dunes and turn a little right.
Just follow the paths where everyone is walking it is always busy.

You can also start at the Gay Beach and walk to the dunes!

Then it is not difficult to find the main area.

Update: The dunes are already more secluded and less accessible. The cruise area has moved a bit to the entrance of the camel tour through the dunes.

NB. Please note that the dunes are home to wildlife, including a native lizard breed that will choke on plastic and rubber discards, so bring your trash back, thanks!

Have fun and do everything safely.

Close to the famous dunes

More subtle

If you want something more subtle and relaxed, another option if you have a hire car is to head for one of the more secluded natural beaches on the coast between Meloneras and Arguineguin.

At the gay only hotels

Another option is to go to one of the gay-only holiday complexes and spend an hour or three by the pool and facilities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not staying there, as everyone will welcome visitors if you spend a few euros at the pool bar, you’ll have an afternoon of fun you’ll never forget!


The cruise areas yumbo avond


Check out the page of the Yumbo >

TIP: Coco Loco bar dancing and swinging until the wee hours…

Bars >> See them all here…

Outdoor terraces are a great way to make eye contact or there are plenty of dark rooms to make other kinds of contact.

Cruise in Yumbo

Construction, Mykonos, Mantrix , The Block, The Cellar, Bunker, Kings Club are a few names of places you might like to cruise.  All of them have dark rooms. 

yumbo plein avond


There is also a sauna on the 4th floor, open daily from 4pm to 2am, very busy if the weather has been bad all day.

The road around the Yumbo >>

especially near the tourist information centre, is quite cruisy at night, especially late at night from about 2 am.

Away from the Yumbo >> at night is the only place near the dunes along the golf course. You will need a hire car >> to get there as there are no taxis, especially not back.

Drive along the golf course (keep the course on your right). Drive straight on until the road dead-ends. 

There are open gates giving you access to the dunes.  There is also access on the other side.


Always busy at darkroom the Bunker

Bunker Gran Canaria Yumbo


in the Yumbo where you can go wild with everything and everybody

In the neighbourhood of the Yumbo 

2 streets further on are more darkroom only gay clubs that are definitely worth a visit!

The Hole Cruising Bar

Maspalomas newest and largest gay cruising bar for men on two floors. Discreetly located at the rear of CC Jardin del Sol, just 7 minutes walk from the Yumbo Centre. The club welcomes all fetishes and interests in a safe, clean environment. All-go-cruise session. Dress code every day, check their website for more information.

Cruise Bar

Cruise Bar opened its doors in 1994, becoming the first local BEAR & LEATHER in the Canary Islands. It is located on the second floor of the Yumbo Centrum, landmark of the gay area of Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas).

Internationally, it is certainly one of the most traditional and prominent bars, a place both for the faithful and numerous local customers and the tourists who visit us assiduously throughout the year. It has a large bar staffed by qualified professionals, along with multiple cabins, passages, mazes, slings, a porn video room, glory holes and two dark rooms. In other words, this is the place where you can unleash your imagination and pleasure without limitation, except the respect and complicity for others. It’s an ideal place to meet and make friends, have drinks, listen to good music and flirt. CRUISE BAR nowadays has improved and expanded its facilities while maintaining the essence and features that have characterized it throughout the years. For more information regarding our activities and parties, you can take a look at our website, in magazines or ask a staff member directly at the bar.

NOXON Fetish Club ****

Yumbo noxonclub

Located inside the Yumbo Centrum, NOXON is one of the most playful fetish and sex clubs in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

NOXON enriches Yumbo scene so you can share the hottest and most sexy nights with your friends in a relaxed and unique atmosphere in the only fetish club Maspalomas.

You decide where how to enjoy the kinky club with the hottest and nastiest parties.

It’s 130m2, equipped with everything from sling and glory hole cabin to large group beds, wet area, relax bar and recreational smoking area (customer’s favorite!).

Since it opened its doors in 2019, it has become the reference place for those who want to spend a night without inhibitions.

If you want to make the most of your holiday time, NOXON is your mandatory stop.

Opening Times: Daily from 22:00 till late

Yumbo: 2nd floor

NEW: ThefactoryGC ****


 THE FACTORY cruising bar Maspalomas is the new largest gay sex club in Maspalomas Gran Canaria 400m2.
THE FACTORY is finally open, every day 22H-3H, created by Bruce & Kris from The Hole awarded best fetish venue.
Located in YUMBO behind the spar, our cruising bar is spaciously situated across two floors.

Tom’s Cruising Bar

Tom’s Cruising Bar opened its doors in  Yumbo more than 6 years ago offering a bar for men only.

In this Cruising bar with international environment  you will find people of all ages with which to enjoy cabins, glory holes, slings, an exclusive area for smokers and more.

Free admission and we are open from 22:00 to 04:00. Yumbo: 2nd floor Opening times: 19:00 – 00:00

Strong Construction *****

Men’s Cruising Bar

is without doubt, the most popular gay cruise club now in Gran Canaria!

Strong Contruction Men’s bar is located on the ground floor.

Come enjoy with us every night with the best music video and hot dancers. Come meet friends and order your drink in Strong Construction bar!

Address: Yumbo 1st floor

Opening time: Monday to Sunday from 21:00 to 04:00 hours


Book a (last minute) hotel in the vicinity of the Yumbo >>.